Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lato Salad

Yesterday, me and my husband had a chance to go to Manga Market, a public market in Tagbilaran City known for fresh fish and other seafoods. We bought "kitong" fish (for chargrilling), fresh lato (seaweeds) and shellfish.

Lato is one of our favorite seaweed foods. These seaweeds look like small green grapes. We love to eat these. We always prepare these into salad. And it's so simple and easy to prepare this salad dish.

How to make Lato Salad:

- Soak the seaweeds in clean water and cut-off extra "branches" from the seaweeds.
- Transfer the seaweeds to another bin of clean water and soak them for little while more.Drain seaweeds, put drained seaweeds in a platter.
- Prepare the dressing:slice red tomatoes (2-3 pcs); slice and pound fresh ginger (about 2 tablespoons); slice 1 pc of onion; put these into a large deep bowl.
- Pour vinegar into the bowl with all the stuffs, add a sprinkle of salt, dash of black/white pepper.
- Serve the platter of seaweeds and a bowl of dressing.

How to eat the Lato Salad:

Just dip the Lato into the vinegar dressing and savor the delicious and nutritious Lato Salad.

How much this would cost:

Lato - P 40 (for two saucers-full)
Tomatoes - P 6
Ginger - P 3
Onion - P 3
Vinegar - P 5
TOTAL - P 57

Above preparation is good for 9-10 persons.