Friday, November 30, 2007

Jumping Shrimps

Here in where I live (Bohol, Philippines), I consider myself lucky because I can still enjoy getting real fresh seafoods to cook for our favorite dishes. One of these simples joys is being able to buy these 'jumping shrimps' in the wet-market.

Few days ago, me and my husband were lucky to be able to buy 1 kilo of 'jumping shrimps' at P300 / kilo. Quite expensive at this price though because we we bought the shrimps, it was the morning after a typhoon. Normally, this kind of shrimps are priced at only P180 - P250 / kilo.

They are called 'jumping shrimps' because they literally jump because they are live shrimps. Real fresh.


Using a pair of scissors, the whiskers and the thorny tip of the head of each shrimp are cut. The shrimps are washed and cleaned thoroughly. The batch is washed at least 3 times, until the water turns clean.


The batch is tossed to a pre-heated wok. I placed the cover on the wok right away to prevent the shrimps from jumping off the wok. Due to the heat, the shrimps kept on jumping inside the wok and it sounded like I was cooking popcorn.

Once the shrimps stopped jumping, I sprinkled salt & pepper and squeezed 3 pieces of calamansi. The shrimps are left to cook until the shells looked separated from their meat already or the color turns dark orange already. I didn't add water anymore since the batch has enough water content to cook the shrimps. I took out some of the excess water and added about two tablespoons of Anchor butter and tossed. Cooking is done in less than 15 minutes!