Sunday, February 11, 2007

Eating-out in Bohol (Part I)

I and my family are fond of eating out. It's been a habit for us to check out new eating places here in Bohol, particularly in Tagbilaran City.

This blog is intended to provide readers an overview or a few information about foods and dining here in Bohol, based on my and my family experiences and points of view.

For my first blog for this section, I'll post about Shiang Ma Nou, a Chinese restaurant here in Tagbilaran City.

Shiang Ma Nau

Shiang Ma Nou is a new restaurant here.It opened some months ago. It is located just across the Lourdes Parish Church, along Gallares St., Tagbilaran City. The owners of the restaurant are our friends.

Me and my husband ate at the restaurant for the first time after it opened only two days earlier. And of course, what can you expect from a new restaurant? Service is not that smooth yet. But it was fair enough for a newly opened restaurant.


The service is much better now since we first dined there. Waitresses and attendants are already familiar faces and me and my husband sometimes make joke with them. But they still forget to give me a knife everytime I'm ready to eat my meal and I always still has to ask for it.

Food delivery is now faster unlike during their early days that it seemed forever to wait for the foods you ordered.

I am just curious why they have so many people working there. Another one to open the door, another to take the order, then another one to bring in the foods, another one to set the table, etc...and not counting the number of people in the kitchen and behind the counter. I am no expert in restaurant management, but I just think there are just too many people to pay.


Foods served there are of course, Chinese foods. The restaurant employed a real Chinese cook (chef?)and that must be the reason why their foods there taste like real Chinese food. hahhahaha.

The other day, me, my husband and my eldest son had lunch there. Everytime we eat there, we always ask for the "secret menu" (which used to be un-published) and pick our favorite meal from there. I ordered my favorite fish sweet & sour meal, my husband and my son got a bowl each of chicken wanton soup plus an order of chicken feet.For our drinks? We just got water (we seldom drink soft drinks). I am on diet too (I want to loose a few pounds). And how much we paid for our lunch? Only P195.00 including tax. Such a cheap price to pay for good and filling foods.


The place is nicely located on a corner lot. The orientation is good too. Parking is no problem (we can park on the side street if the their parking space if already full). There are tables set outside for diners who might want to smoke or for those don't want the air-con. The main dining area is clean and cool. However, the management must do something with the noise inside. Once you are inside voices and sounds are all mixed up with some echo and sometimes it gets irritating. The management must do something to soften the sound inside the dining hall.

Well, for me and my family. Shiang Ma Nou is still one of our favorite restaurants here. We will still keep on going back there.