Saturday, March 24, 2007


I love to eat scallops. Do you too?

Yesterday, we were lucky to be able to buy fresh scallops in the local wet market at P90.00 per kilo. My husband bought almost 2 kilos of them.

How we cook them?

First they are washed and cleaned. The dark parts of the scallops are removed and only the big round white "muscle" and the orange part in each scallop are left. The other side of the shell is discarded too.

Once cleaned, they are stored inside a closed plastic container, placed in the freezer and take them out when we are ready to cook them.

But we can't wait another day to have them. So, we had them for lunch and the rest for dinner.

Out from the freezer, we sprinkle a generous amount of toasted chopped garlic and grated quick melt Magnolia cheese over the fresh, cleaned scallops. Then, they are tossed to the over-toaster and get toasted for 10 minutes or until the white meat is done.

And that's how quick how these yummy scallops are prepared!